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Chirp is a great, trial version software also available for Windows, being part of the category Business software with subcategory Project Management.

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Chirp is a great, trial version software also available for Windows, being part of the category Business software with subcategory Project Management.

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Since the program joined our selection of software and apps in 2006, it has already achieved 687 downloads, and last week it achieved 2 downloads.The software version is 2.2.0 and was updated on 8/22/2006. It's available for users with the operating system Mac OS X and former versions, and you can download it in English. Chirp is a slick program that requires less storage space than the average program in the section Business software. It's very heavily used in some countries such as United States and Poland.

Chirp is a group task management & communications tool. Enter task assignments both big and small, then use the dashboard to identify trouble areas, or create reports to provide to your managers. The more information that goes into Chirp, the better you can see the whole picture.

Chirp automatically synchronizes task assignments and status changes among your team using the Chirp Sync Service. As you assign tasks in a project to new users, they are automatically added to the project team, and each immediately gains visibility into the activities of the whole team. Each project team is distinct, so information access can be carefully controlled. And Chirp can synchronize with team members everywhere - in and between companies. Suddenly it's a snap to keep everyone up to date.

Unlike web-based solutions, which can't be used when you don't have Internet access — like on airplane or train — Chirp keeps a copy of all project and task information on your computer. Use your travel time to maximum advantage, assigning new tasks, or checking off completed items. Chirp will automatically update your project team with your changes once you get connected again.

What tasks are in trouble? Who is blocking someone else’s progress? Chirp works gives you tools to look at both the big picture and the small details. Use Chirp’s task table to see everything at once. But since “everything” is sometimes just too much, Chirp provides built-in views for individual projects. It also lets you define custom views to focus on things you think are important. Chirp even has an auto view capability that will dynamically add and remove tasks to a view based on criteria you choose, such as due date, priority, person, or status.

We think using software to manage work should take less time than doing the work. Unless you are already a Microsoft Project guru, Project makes you work too hard, and in the end doesn't give you what you really want. Chirp is for people who know what they are doing, and want a tool that helps keep things moving. It works in two easy–to–understand windows: the task table (dashboard) and a task detail window. Chirp lets you be in charge of the software - not the other way around.

If your creative team is on Macs, but your business team is on Windows, you need a tool that doesn't leave out either team. Unfortunately, most team software is written for either Windows or Macintosh OS X — but rarely both. But no such problem with Chirp. It looks and operates precisely the same on Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X, so every team member is fully included, now and forever.

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